“The marquee blink” refers to HTML tags <marquee> and <blink>.

They were great tags even if w3 classifies them as obsolete features. In fact they never made their way to any w3 spec.

Back in time with <marquee> you were able to move your text horizontally or vertically, at a personnalized speed! No script! No animated GIF! No CSS! Pure HTML!

And the <blink> let you… blink your text or image or anything relevant!

The shiny effect produced by the use of those two simple tags is just amazing. In a minute one is able to transform a monotonous page into the page that will catch the attention.


Further reading: an intersting post about the genese of the blink tag, by its inventor: http://www.montulli.org/theoriginofthe%3Cblink%3Etag

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